About Me

Yes, I’m a physician…and I love to craft! I guess you could say I get my physician-y side from my dad (my mom has so many great qualities, but lets just say that math/science isn’t her strong point), and my craft-y side from my mom (my dad couldn’t craft if his life depended on it!).

I did my undergraduate at Weber State University in good old Ogden, UT. Beth (my almost perfect wife) graduated in Elementary education before me, and taught 5th grade in Ogden for a year at Lincoln Elementary. I was a Spanish major with a Chemistry minor, and shortly after graduation, we went to medical school at Des Moines University in Iowa with one kid in tow (Thomas). We had another kid in Iowa (Flynn) before coming back to Utah for a three year residency in Family Medicine at Utah Valley Family Medicine Residency, where we had yet another boy (Lewis).

While I owe so much to Beth and my boys for helping me get through hard times on this crazy journey, I would be amiss not to at least mention Diet Coke, and the role it played it getting me through some rough patches!

Honestly, I couldn’t be happier with being a family doctor, but I absolutely love everything to do with art/crafting/creating. It’s definitely been a good stress reliever, and a much needed creative outlet for me.

I decided to make this blog so that I could document my projects. I also hope to inspire more creators out there – maybe a crafting mom, crafting mechanic, crafting accountant, crafting teacher, crafting…whatever!

Stay tuned and we’ll “doctor up” a few crafts together (okay, really bad pun…sorry).