Quick Quilt

Made a quick quilt with my 9-year-old. I had some old black and white sheets. I had him help me cut out 10 x 10 squares with a rotary cutter. Then we drew on iron-on paper and cut out fun designs and placed them on the squares before sewing them together. Voilá!

Fun project and he loved it!

Halloween Window Silhouettes

The Dollar Tree made my windows amazing for Halloween 2019 with poster board and orange plastic table covers!

These Halloween silhouettes were a huge hit. We were a more than a little sick of the orange glow in our house by the end of the month, but it really did look amazing!

Jack the Ripper and black cat
Headless lady and spooky chair.
Framed skull.
Spooky busy and chandelier.
Couldn’t really see it during the day, but the payoff came at night!

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