iOS Home Screen Upgrade!

When I found out that you could customize your Home Screen I immediately thought to make mine Harry Potter style!

It took some work, but I knew I had to make it happen! I wanted simple and black and white. I think the final product turned out pretty awesome!

Here is the link to the instructions on how to make the changes:

Here are some closer looks:

The owl for texting and the lightning bold for weather are two of my favorite icons I used!
And I LOVE every one of these, especially using the Marauders Map icon for the Maps app!
Somehow Luna’s glasses felt right for Instagram, and I chose the Time Turner for Pinterest because I spend so much time scrolling on Pinterest!!
Of course the Daily Prophet for the News App couldn’t be more perfect, and the clock with London time finishes it al off!

I’m sure you can make something amazing too!!!


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