Halloween Porch

The first year I did my banner it looked great, but it was cotton fabric with unfinished edges, which was faded and tattered by the end of the Halloween season. It definitely wasn’t something I could keep from year to year. So the following year I bought black and orange polyester fabric (which doesn’t fade in the sun), and remade the banner, with double sided finished edges.

I used the leftover fabric to make pillows for my porch chairs. I just made a cover for some old pillows. I cut out the shapes in the black material with iron on backing. Iron on’s may be one of my favorite things!

Pillow number two with number 31!

I bought oversized wooden letters from our local craft store and painted them white (there were some that already came white, but I didn’t like the font as well). Then I mounted them on a 10 foot board from Home Depot.

I couldn’t find a wreath that I liked, so I spray painted a large grapevine wreath black and then added a candy corn garland I liked.

A little black paint on yellow butcher paper goes a long way!

And here it is lit up at night!

Time lapse of painting one of the silhouettes after sketching it out.

Here is a link to last year’s porch silhouettes: https://craftingdoctor.com/2020/04/23/halloween-windows/

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