Wand-Making 101

I’ll do my best not to make this whole blog about Harry Potter, but I promise there will be a fair share of of HP posts!

My wand-making started out when I was working on a Newt Scamander costume for the release of Fantastic Beasts (yes I dressed up for opening night, and yes my wife agreed to dress up as well and accompany me – now that’s true love!).

I wanted to make a replica of Newt’s wand. It soon became apparent that I was going to require some tools to make this happen. I had an electric sander, but I couldn’t get the detail I needed with just that. So…I bought a Dremel Tool. I couldn’t bring myself to buy the cheapest one, and I couldn’t bring myself to buy the most expensive one either, so I went with a middle of the road Dremel. Then I had to ask Beth for forgiveness for spending money on another project (I’ve found that sometimes it’s better to ask for forgiveness).

I found out that the Dremel made things so easy that I ended up making 4 within a few days of each other. The two in the middle were made from 1/2 inch wooden dowels, and the other two came from good old Mother Nature (found on a family walk by the river).

Have fun, and happy wand-making! Go out and make Ollivander proud!

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