Dr. Craftingdoctor

Every once in a while these crafting hands do some doctor-y stuff too!

A while back Tommy was playing around recently placed tar on a street behind our house, and accidentally got some over a pretty big portion of his hand. The tar was removed (along with a good portion of his skin!). After a trip to the ER, and a visit with the hand surgeon (you don’t want to mess around with hand burns!), the real drama happened in the subsequent days/weeks.

Sorry for the picture!

The sloughing skin needed to be removed, and he refused to let the plastic surgeon take care of it. He did, however, say that he would let me do it. So after clinic one day, I took him back to the procedure room, where he bravely and patiently let me debride the wound without crying once. He is one crazy, brave, adventurous kid, and I couldn’t love him more!

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