How to Make a Mummy and a Zombie Costume

You may hate me for saying this, but I think I like Halloween just a bit more than Christmas – there, I said it!

Every year I can’t bring myself to do just a little bit of Halloween, and I usually end up spending too much money…I just can’t help myself! So this year my kids decided to be a Mummy and a Zombie.

First I made the base with black cloth.

Then I tore up some old fabric for the wrapping.

Then came the application of the wrapping, which I just did with hot glue:

The shirt ended up being too complicated so I actually just used an old jacket (which was better because I didn’t have to mess with a zipper or Velcro, and the hood was kind of cool!)

For the Zombie, I bought a cheap shirt from Walmart and “Zombified” it by cutting some holes, and then patching the holes with red fabric.

I painted “ribs” with white paint on the front of one of the larger holes before hot glueing it onto the shirt for an extra gruesome touch.

After that, I used red acrylic paint to add some texture (blood and guts!).

Just let it dry over night, and vuala!

Of course we had to have some makeup to top it all off, so I bought some makeup and temporary tattoos for added creepiness!

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