Once Upon A Mattress Jr. Set Design

It was my 6th grader’s last musical in elementary school, and they put on Once Upon a Mattress Jr. It’s really a great show, with a lot of parts for kids, and my boy was Sir Harry, which is a great role.

I volunteered to do the sets, and with a castle as the backdrop for the whole show, I was really excited to use a hot knife to carve castle stone walls! I bought two different types of hot knives on Amazon, and got the 8 foot insulation foam sheets for $30 a piece at Home Depot. I also got plexiglass from Lowes (they were bigger than the ones at Home Depot).

Before and after painting.

Electrical tape and colored cellophane off of Amazon.

A view from behind – you can also see the wire and the LED lights I added so it would light up on stage – that was a BIG hit!

You can see a little more detail here. I used 2 inch insulation for the base and 1 inch for the arches that I carved separately. I used dark gray and light gray paint. The window is lit in this photo.

Finished setup! I cut out the banner flags on my Cricut. Someone made the coat of arms that I printed at a printing shop. Someone else made the thrones.

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