Harry Potter Halloween

Decided to make my Halloween porch Harry Potter style this year!

It’s got it all! Floating candles, Diagon Alley signs, luggage, platform 9 3/4, house banners and so much more, all flanked by a couple of dementors.
Found inspiration from Pinterest art for each movie, drew it out on my iPad and then printed them onto paper. They turned out awesome! Here’s Sorcerers Stone.
Movies 2 and 3
4 and 5. I think 5 may be my favorite.
And since I only had six windows, the last one was just the three brothers.

Here are the images I designed/printed:

Here are some details from the porch:

Handed out “potions” which were Hugs barrel drinks with labels – these were a huge hit!
Yes I made the sign for the occasion (inspiration from Diagon Alley)!
Circle label paper for the tops were perfect!
I had 150 potions that were all gone by the end of the night!
A little extra flare under the potions!
Cut the nose off a haunted bride dummy from Target for my dementor base
In progress.

Not pictured: a closeup of the finished dementor. I added torn strips of black cloth and then covered it with black cheese cloth. I glued the neck tight so that the head had more shape so they looked like the do in the movies. Trust me – they turned out great!

Part of the porch decor! Cricuts are amazing!
More Diagon Alley for the porch.

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