Star Wars Party Theme

My youngest was turning 5 and I was super excited when he chose Star Wars as his party theme!

There were so many puns that I found on Pinterest that I wanted to use, but didn’t have time: a sign in the bathroom with a picture of Han Solo that said “wash your Hans,” and a container of Rolos labeled “Han’s Rolos.” A plate of mini cinnamon rolls labeled Princess Leia Buns.” I also wanted to make “7 ‘Leia’ Dip” with “Storm Scooper” chips for dipping. So many fun ideas, but here is what I ended up doing:

Closer up on the display

Teddy Grahams for the win!

Cheap but tasty from Walmart

My personal favorite!

Walmart find – every kid loves a Baby Yoda!

Used these for an epic Stormtrooper battle in the basement! Picture below – the kids LOVED that part! 100% from the Dollar Store (which I now begrudgingly call the Dollar-25 Store). Duct tape (black and gray and red) plus pool noodles cut in half.

Presents wrapped to be part of the decorations!

A fun Cricket project.

Stormtroopers and a single Darth Maul balloon for our battle!

Sent them outside for some water balloon fun. They took the lightsabers outside as well.

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