Homemade Hogshead Sign

So first off, the inspiration was obviously the real hogshead at Universal Orlando:

My friend was having a Hogshead drink station as part of her annual Harry Potter party, so I had to make one!

I started out by buying a wild boar mask off of Amazon. It had hair and everything it was as close to perfect as I could hope for $24.95! I’ve seen some pretty good ones at Spirit Halloween stores as well.

Then I took some poster board and traced the shape of the mounting piece I wanted I did it that way so I could fold it in half and make it symmetrical. Then I traced that onto foam board (probably my new favorite medium!).

Even though the actual Hogshead doesn’t have a sign directly under the wild boar’s head, I thought it would look best to add it below the mounted head.

I used circuit to design the logo, which was similar to other’s I had seen. I traced out a hog’s head on Procreate that I liked from google image searching (I couldn’t find a good enough resolution SVG file I liked). Then I added arrows from the Cricut images and added them to the hog’s head. I found a good font and added a flourish below.
Here is the finished product:

I cut this out in two separate cuts (one hog’s head and the word “hogs” in one cut and the other hog’s head with the word “head” in the other cut). That way I could make the text taller (I can only cut up to 24 inches in length with my Cricut Maker).
I used gold permanent vinyl.

I used a hot foam cutter to cut out the foam and add details.
I used black, brown and light brown paint.
I used some chain from Home Depot – they didn’t have black so I had to spray paint silver chain black, but it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself!
Not quite a majestic as the original, but it got the job done.

My lady bartending in the apron I designed.
The hog’s head and some of my other creations for the party!
I’ll add posts on making those as well.

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