Homemade Knockturn Alley Sign

Like many I fell in love with Diagon Alley in Universal Orlando. I particularly loved Knockturn Alley!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the sign pointing to Knockturn Alley! Unfortunately it isn’t something that you can purchase, so I had to make my own!

I started out with a 1 and a half inch purple insulation foam board that I cut to the rough shape, and then drew and cut out the outline of the hand using a foam cutting tool I bought off Amazon.

This had a paint on one side because I used foam board that was previously used for another project.

Found a free font on Fontspace that was pretty close to the real sign.

Here is a video of me cutting down/shaping my second of two signs I made (I wanted one pointing each direction so I could use them in different locations).

After attaching the vinyl I finished the aging/painting.

Finished product!

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