Coloring Contests

One of the things I love to do is some good old-fashioned coloring. I’m talking coloring book and crayons (colored pencils – even better!). I can think back to many times in my childhood where we would have coloring contests with my sister and cousins, and that competition continued into adulthood as well. I’ll admit that my sister-in-law (Lindsay Hickman) is a formidable opponent, but I think I can still take her!

While I don’t have any copies of my best work (they are still hanging in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York at the present), I found this treasure.

I call it “Magneto and Dragneto” 😂


Let’s face it, he was practically begging me to paint his nails!

You should probably know that in addition to being a Harry Potter nerd, I’m also a HUGE X-men fan – we’re talking, I own the 90’s X-men cartoon series on DVD, and went to the first movie literally 11 times in the movie theaters with the aforementioned sister-in-law (it’s not weird, we were friends before we were related). Magneto always has been, and always will be my absolute favorite character.

Maybe I’ll have another coloring contest to post about in the future, so you can see my real work 😉

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