“Calavera” means skull in Spanish, and that is the title of the drawing I did in med school. I submitted it to be published in our school journal, and while I didn’t make the front cover, I did make the back! So if were being technical (and if I wanted to brag), I could boast that I am a published artist (I’m just sayin’ 😉).

But now my Calavera has become part of our regular Halloween decorations. Every year, around the beginning of September, I start to get the Halloween itch. Some years I have decorated a little too early, and I think it loses some of the fun if the decorations are around too long, so I make myself wait until the end of September and pull out the decorations to celebrate the birthday of Flynn, and kick off the Halloween festivities!

Of course I LOVE Harry Potter, so I have my wall, paying respects to Queen Rowling and her creations!

Here’s a closer shot of Calavera.

This is a nod to my dear old darling mother who made it a tradition to decorate the table for each of out birthdays – a tradition that will be carried on for my kids as well!

Happy Halloween!

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