Made a goblet of fire for a friend’s (socially distanced) Harry Potter gathering!

Used a planter, some PVC, spray foam and caulk for the cup, and then cellophane/foiling from the dollar store for the flame (added twinkling Christmas lights inside the cup for a flame effect!).

Finished up spray painting in the back yard.

Here it is in progress – I used dollar store frames, and hot glue for the writing.

Here it is at the event.

I also needing to make some Durmstrang costumes for my boys (to go with the goblet obviously! I bought a pattern, but ended up sort of making it up myself based on one of their old shirts, which worked out better.
TIP: it’s cheaper to buy basic sheets from Walmart than to buy fabric most of the time, and they come in a ton of colors.

I bought a monkey costume from a second hand store that I cut up to make the fur.

I used a curtain rod for the staffs.

Defeating a dragon!
Pestering a Thestral!
Together with the Goblet of Fire!


    1. I chose a simple/cheap cotton fabric. Then I used an old shirt of theirs for a pattern, but cut the fabric longer. I made sure I got a zipper that was long enough for the length I wanted and used that instead of buttons in the front.
      I’ll be honest, I’m not the best tailor so it’s far from perfect, but worked great for a costume.
      Then I draped a length of fabric over one shoulder and cut it the length I wanted for the cape. It ended up being a rough half circle.
      I found a cheap faux fur costume at a second hand store for the trim, which I just got glued.
      Good luck!


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