Harry Potter Birthday Party!

My oldest turned 11, which is the age one gets their letter to Hogwarts! So naturally we started the tradition of a huge Harry Potter Party to celebrate when our kids turn 11.


I couldn’t find the right font, and there wasn’t a high enough quality image I could use online, so I had to copy/draw it on Procreate.

I had different stations/locations around the house, and this one turned out pretty fun. Death Eater tattoos (from AliExpress), glasses (from Hobby Lobby), gold and silver coins (thank you Dollar Tree).
I made the sign using a blank wooden sign from Hobby Lobby with fonts in
Microsoft Word that looked close enough to the Borgin and Burkes fonts.
The best part was the wanted posters. I found them online and printed them at my local copy store.

Another station was the Wiseacre’s station. I bought a wooden baseball sign from Hobby Lobby and transformed it to a replica of the Wiseacre’s sign.

The main feature of his station was the up-cycled second hand store jewelry box, that we used to make patronus bracelets – these were a huge hit!
Got the charms from AliExpress for a great price!

Hanging keys from Amazon for $12! I jut hung them from my light fixture.
AliExpress for the win again! Hung it in my doorway to the piano room (nothing cool on the other side – just a photo-op backdrop).

Another photo-op wall. The Harry Potter Undesirable No 1 poster was 8.5 x 11 paper, so I printed a bunch of those and then filled in with the legal sized Daily Prophet front pages. Found them all online and printed at my local copy store.

I know, I should have done letters coming out of the fireplace, but this was way easier. Spiders were from Cricut and I downloaded the font from online.

I bought these boxes on AliExpress and then did the print and cut option on the Cricut for the label. I couldn’t find a good file that would work with the print and cut option so I had to draw it on Procreate, and it turned out great!
It was a process!

A replica of Harry Potter’s birthday cake for the birthday boy.
I kept the butter beer simple and just did cream soda, but then I mixed heavy whipping cream, mixed with marshmallow fluff and caramel topping. When it was all whipped together the topping was actually pretty close to the real deal (which I can say from experience!).


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